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The top 5 errors that can doom your Overseas IT Career

Posted on January 28, 2019
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The top 5 errors that can doom your Overseas IT Career

The speed with which business technology is evolving is just baffling. It is no easier to manage your Overseas IT Career. You need to be also careful regarding some less known errors that can seriously decrease the growth of your IT career:

Error #1 – Avoiding negative experiences

This is something like quitting your existing job because the circumstances are bad and not because you have a better offer. You may have to switch jobs if your salary stagnates when you remain in the same organization. Nevertheless, the core reason for doing so must not be your tendency to run away from the current job’s realities.

Error #2 — Remaining offline

You need to visible on the web whether you like it or not. You must be relevant for the tech jobs across geographies and industries that are most exciting.

Social media and professional profiles must be separate. Keep them dynamic. Develop a method with the aim of keeping all your social media and professional profiles engaging and active.

Error #3 —Remaining too long

The roots of the tree that you want to flourish so desperately can decay due to dormancy in your career. Technology space today has a rapid pace of transformation. It is a must that you actively seek fresh jobs after 4 to 5 years of diverse experiences in the existing roles.

Error #4 — Accepting a promotion that’s basically a career change

Not always, but definitely it can be an error. Tech professionals must have a minimum one management experience in their career. It will expand horizons of the way you understand the functioning of tech firms. However, it must be a conscious decision, as quoted by the Tech Genix.

Error #5 – Chase ‘greatness’ when ‘good’ is really adequate

This can be lethal for anybody’s Overseas IT Career. It could be being fixed to a specific module in an applications ecosystem. This could also be being fixed to development of a specific language.

It is better to develop a certain proficiency level in one stack. Then you must begin to learn another stack instead of chasing greatness within one stack.

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