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Top 5 Emerging Unconventional Overseas Careers for Social Science majors

Posted on July 17, 2018
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Top 5 Emerging Unconventional Overseas Careers for Social Science majors

Unconventional Overseas Careers are fast emerging for Social science majors and it is a myth now that humanities limit career options for students.

1. Look for Serial Killers

Psychology Degree holders need not confine themselves to an office-bound career. You can work with clients even in less familiar locations, for example – prison.

They can focus on developing investigative strategies. This is aimed at cutting short criminal careers and finally save lives, as quoted by the Study International.

2. Growth Hackers

These are marketers with a focus on quantitative scrutiny. They assist companies to harness changes in apps and are highly demanded by tech brands and startups.

It may appear that this is the career for majors in Computer Science. You must be aware of the renowned growth hacker Andy John. He has a Political Science degree from University of California at Los Angeles.

3. School Shooting Expert

Associate – Threat Assessment profile involves answering questions on the ways to prevent shooting incidents at schools. BA in Psychology and Masters’ in Social Psychology will offer a solid foundation for conducting this behavioral research. It will also help in better understanding of violent behavior and risk assessment.

4. Making the SAT fairer

Your performance in SAT depends on a range of factors and a few of them are beyond your control.

The profile of an Educational Testing Service’s Center for New Constructs Associate Research Scientist involves examining these diverse factors. It assesses how thought patterns can mediate racial or ethnic differences on the SAT.

5. Operating cameras in Space

Do you think an English Literature Professor will be operating Camera in Space? Yes, Elaine McCarney was chosen by NASA for this very same role. The reason was that she had an interdisciplinary vision for an innovative narration of pictures of Mars. This would not have been possible if not for the dimension offered by humanities- beauty, vision, language, characters, and plot.

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