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Top 7 tips for women to succeed in an overseas tech career

Posted on March 13, 2019
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Teresa Carlson

Teresa Carlson is the Vice President of Amazon Web Services’ Worldwide Public Sector. She shares with us the top 7 tips for women to succeed in an overseas tech career:

Identify your mentors

It is crucial to identify people you admire and respect to act as your mentors early in your career. I have mentors even today and I ask them questions even now. The onus lies on you to utilize your mentor’s time.

Accept the advice

Identifying a quality mentor and asking them the rights questions is only half the journey. You have to accept their suggestions when you ask them queries and not reject them.

Follow others

I observe individuals whom I respect and try to learn how they do they get work done. Begin to emulate their behaviour by observing how these individuals utilize a specific technique.

Stay updated

Tech is known for its quickly transforming landscape. Be proactive when it comes to learning new skills and aspects. Successful overseas tech career demands that you refresh your skills several times, as quoted by the Gulf News.

Build your power

You must develop your authority in a way that people respect. This will make people realize that you have an important role. You must possess a voice and train yourself how to converse in that way.

Find an issue and resolve it

Problems in the workplace often get ignored if nobody takes ownership. If you observe an issue at the workplace, consider it to be an opportunity. Fix the issue without waiting for anybody to assign it to you.

Accept ownership

To get work done, you sometimes require single-threaded ownership. If a person has to be responsible for a task, make it very clear by addressing as ‘you’ and not ‘we’. This is while delegating responsibility or delivering an assignment.

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