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Oman bans New Visas for immigrant workers in 4 professions

Oman bans New Visas for immigrant workers in 4 professions

The Ministry of Manpower in Oman has banned new visas for immigrant workers in 4 professions. This is in the private education sector in Oman.

H E Sheikh Abdullah bin Abdullah al Bakri Nasser bin issued the decision –No 533/2018. He is the Minister of Manpower. Its Article 1 says that the decision forbids the hiring of immigrant workers. This is in private training institutions and higher education institutions. It covers the following positions:

Article 2 in the same decision states that exemption is offered to Work Visas offered prior to the ordering of this decision. These will not be revoked, as quoted by the Muscat Daily.

The latest decision is based on Oman Labour Law that was endorsed through the Royal Decree 76/2004 and Royal Decree 35/2003. This defines the adoption of the organizational structure of the MOM and its competencies.

The Public Authority for Manpower Register and MOM have said that 64, 386 nationals joined the private sector firms in 2018. Meanwhile, 4, 125 were recruited by the Public Sector in Oman in this period.

The MOM strives to offer job openings through its Departments, Directorates and Supporting Bodies. This is by collating data from the establishments in the Private Sector. These are corresponding to the specialties and qualifications of the job seekers. The Ministry scrutinizes the commitment of the firms for signing job contacts and offering job opportunities to the local workforce.

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