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200,000 new US Jobs created in January 2018

Posted on March 7, 2018
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US Jobs

200,000 new US Jobs were created in January 2018 and the growth of creation of jobs continues showing little signs of changing in the near future. The rate of unemployment also remained stable at 4.1%. The growth of US Jobs continues in alignment with the expansion of the broader labor force while slack disappears.

Largely across the board, gains were noticed in the labor market of the US; particularly the retail trade witnessed stronger growth. Meanwhile, the impetus of the E-commerce is propelling activity in wholesale trade, warehousing, and transportation. The annual and monthly standings of these sectors are on the rise.

The US is now having visible shortages of Skilled Talents at the national level and is not confined to mere core markets. This is in continuation of the trend that began in 2015 in several key and secondary gateway geographies. The scarcity of skilled workers and 2.1% unemployment rate for holder’s of a bachelor degree are straining the potential of US firms to expand, as quoted by the US JLL.

The scarcity of skilled workers in US Jobs is most severe in industries that use offices. These include information, financial activities, and professional services. They are growing at much slower rates than prior to the recovery period.

The US Federal Reserve is almost certain to increase rates at the meeting for March owing to the sustained growth of the economy. Inflation in the US has also remained above 2% for several months now. The near-complete labor market is, at last, demonstrating maturity signs and accelerating the growth of salaries. The wage growth had so far not been on par with the expansion and growth of the overall US labor market and rates of unemployment.

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