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Job outlook in Australia for 2020

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If you’re looking for a career in Australia, you will be keen to know about the job outlook, the sectors where there are job opportunities and the high-demand professions and the highest-paid workers in those sectors. This will help you to build a stronger job search strategy and to be effective in finding a job.

The job outlook for 2020

The job outlook for 2020 indicates a rise in job opportunities in the following sectors- banking and financial services, healthcare, construction, engineering, human resources, etc. These industries also recorded the fastest year-on-year growth in salaries at the end of last year.

The top jobs in these sectors include:

The job outlook for some of the major sectors in Australia according to the Department of Jobs and Small Business for the period May 2018 to May 2023 is as under:

Here are the salary details of the top occupations for 2020 in Australia

Occupation Average Salary
IT Systems Architect AUD139,690
 Engineering Manager AUD 132,350
IT Manager AUD 125,660
IT Security Architect AUD 124,190
Analytics Manager AUD 118,820
Cloud Engineer AUD 111,590
Construction Manager AUD 111,390
Wellbeing Manager AUD 110,520
Doctor AUD 103,400
Data Scientist AUD 99,510

Very strong job growth is expected to continue in the service industries for professionals (up 325,800 or 10.9 percent) and community and personal service Employees (230,300 or 17.5 percent) who are the leading employers of these occupational classes.

Together, these two working classes are expected to account for 62.8% of overall job growth in the next five years.

There are many employment opportunities for people with the right skills. You must know which sector to apply for and if you have the right skillsets and work experience, then nothing can stop you from landing your dream job. Knowledge of the job outlook for the next few years is important.

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