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India has second highest number aspiring migrants globally

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India has the second highest number of adults who intend to Migrate Abroad to work and settle there, said a report of the IOM (International Organisation for Migration), the Migration Agency of the UN. Their most preferred destinations are the US and the UK.

IOM stated this in its report, ‘Measuring Global Migration Potential 2010-2015’, which studies the intentions of people’s migration globally for the period 2010–2015. It added that across the globe 1.3 percent of the adult population, equivalent to 66 million people, said they were intending to emigrate within the next one year. Half of these live in 20 countries, including Nigeria, India, Bangladesh, China Congo and Sudan.

India has 4.8 million adults who are planning and getting ready to relocate overseas. Of these numbers, 3.5 million people are in the planning stages, while 1.3 million are getting ready. On the other hand, Nigeria leads the aspiring migrants’ list with 5.1 million people. Around 2.7 million each from China and Bangladesh also want to emigrate.

In other words, the findings by IOM’s GMDAC (Global Migration Data Centre) indicate that less than half a percent of adults worldwide, equivalent to 23 million people, are actively gearing up to emigrate.

The study takes its data from an international survey conducted by the Gallup World Poll. William Lacy Swing, IOM Director General, was quoted by the Press Trust of India as saying that this unique global study offers a crucial insight into intentions of people’s migration and profiles of people who are most likely to migrate.

Most of the adults who plan and prepare to emigrate are young single males living in urban areas and who have at least completed secondary education.

General Swing said that the new study made clear one trend that people are migrating to a wide range of countries, rich as well as poor.

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