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Posted on April 13 2017

Any discipline any skills get hired for the grand hiring spree across the Gulf

By Editor
Updated March 15 2023

Do you agree that perfect jobs exist? Unprecedented opportunities are open now across the Gulf. These jobs are stable; you will finally love what you are doing. And equivalent to the job you are hired for, the remunerations are simply acceptable without a second thought. All you have to do is find whether you are eligible for the hiring spree.

Private sector companies in the UAE have increased hiring for the year 2017. Simply the most feasible path to be eligible for the Emiratisation agenda. In about two months 1000 new workers were hired by banking and other financial institutions. Precisely 36 banks 36 finance houses 39 insurance companies have paved way for 1026 new vacancies.

This skilled talent hunt is a greater benefit for the local residents as well. The future agenda is to open new avenues till 2021 this is the vision for the skilled and competent irrespective of your origin at various organizational levels and enhance loyalty at workplace. As new business are being launched increasing more opportunities for job seekers. Most of the companies here are similar to the ones in the Silicon Valley.

The vacancies which are up for the grabs are from streams such as business development managers, hardware engineers, front-end developers, sales executives. Industry expertise is also expected from sectors such as e-commerce, IT, financial technology, media, logistics, and transport as well. In the days to come employment numbers are still yet to grow. You can also look for any new start-up companies which have at least 100 vacancies in every new company in the Middle East. Despite start-ups being limited they add more Weightage to the employment engine.

As if for now there are close to 3000 start-up companies which are headquartered in the UAE. It is being surveyed by Bayt.com that since the program was launched in January 2017 as if for now 32,600 new jobs have been launched out of which 10,149 vacancies are for UAE based organizations. Throughout the Middle East shore, there are 748,000 jobs yet to be filled from small medium and largely positioned vacancies. However, the first preference is also given to nationals and next will be skilled immigrants.

If you come with core competent skills and a well-presented curriculum vitae which will do the best impression you will make on the employer. The interviews can happen either on phones or even online.

The Curriculum Vitae should have the following credentials:

  • Attach a photograph along with your profile
  • The profile has to be two pages
  • Add-on will be work experiences
  • Date of birth
  • References
  • Academician
  • Nationality
  • Gender
  • Align the pages with thick black borders
  • A key to unlock a successful career in Dubai is going to an attractive cover letter emphasising about your expression of interest to work in the Middle East

Besides positions yet to be filled are quality managers, store keepers, merchandisers, furniture makers, biscuit, wafers and drink makers. The list would go on. The Gulf-talent has also asked other well-established employers to share about their future hiring plans. Applicants who are skilled from the health care sectors can still enrol for the Dubai Health Authority were there are 1532 vacancies.

Set your intention on higher and humongous opportunities as there is a bazillion of things for you to make use across the Gulf, and if you want things to fall into the right place contact Y-Axis, renowned Immigration Consultant for a better perspective. We would help you to find the apt success equation for you to have a better and brighter career.


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