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Estonia emerges as preferred EU nation for overseas migrant professionals

Posted on July 20, 2017
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Overseas Workers to Estonia

Estonia has emerged as one among the top preferred EU nation for Overseas Migrant Professionals as per the latest study. The business friendly government, advanced digital infrastructure and low cost of living in Estonia are attracting overseas migrant professionals.

Thus Estonia has a number of start-ups per individual when compared with any other EU nation or even the US Silicon Valley. This vibrant journey of Estonia commenced way back in 2003 with the launch of its start-up Skype. Rest is history and it now has a thriving ambience for overseas migrant professionals and entrepreneurs and is being termed as the hottest start-up hub of the EU.

Estonia at present has extreme dominance in digital services that its firms are collectively termed as ‘# EstonianMafia’. These firms are renowned for unsettling conventional industries, as quoted by the Contriber.

Owing to its steady growth Estonia has the skills shortage in diverse industries ranging from IT to engineering and communications. The firms in Estonia are responding to the requirement for workers by welcoming overseas migrant professionals. Meanwhile, the government has also made it a priority for firms to attract job seekers across the globe.

The rising standard of living and business friendly ambience attract Overseas Workers to Estonia. The list of reasons to call Estonia as your home is endless. Tallinn the capital of Estonia is a city with medieval charm and its nature is attractive more than any wildest countryside of Europe.

Today Estonia is ranked one amongst the most open economies of the world and percentage of Economic Immigrants to Estonia increased by one-third in the previous year. Record overseas immigrants were offered job-based residence permits in Estonia to 1, 659 immigrants with the highest being offered to Ukrainians.

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