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Best Countries for Engineers to Work Abroad

Posted on August 1, 2018
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Best Countries for Engineers to work abroad

There has been a sharp rise in technical graduates moving abroad for higher studies in a couple of years. Earlier, students migrated to pursue post-graduation but now there is demand for the graduate courses owing to the greater benefits. Engineering and technology have played a pivotal role in escalating economy of a country due to greater employability and prospects at the global level. So keeping this in view, most of the youth are opting for engineering courses in various branches like Mechanical, Civil, Electronics and Telecommunication and most often Computer science. Being an extremely lucrative field, demand surpassed the supply and bountiful jobs are available in the market abroad.

 Some of the best countries for engineers to work abroad are as follows:

1. Canada: Canada is an advanced country with the higher economic growth and greater access to natural resources and gas. Due to the structured environmental legislature, it’s an admirable place for those engineers who are passionate about these issues. So an apt country to those that has graduation in chemical or Petroleum engineering due to its resource-rich economy.

2. New Zealand: New Zealand’ economy thrives on infrastructure. The country is a destination for Civil engineers who want to design earthquake-resistant structures with a view to protect buildings from natural calamities like earthquakes, as quoted by the Go Abroad.

3. Switzerland: Scientific research and manufacturing are the key driving forces of the economy for Switzerland. Being one of the wealthiest countries in the world, employment opportunities are huge in number for Mechanical and Chemical engineers.

4. Germany: Germany, a country with the largest economy in Europe is most sought by the skilled workers and technical graduates like Engineers and IT specialists due to their greater demand in industrial sectors. The country has a large number of Pharmaceutical and Scientific industries due which its universities is acclaimed to be best for scientific research.

5. England: England offers great employment opportunities to those in various disciplines like civil Engineering, Construction and Building Services, and Architecture Work experience in this country is an asset to those seeking lucrative job here.

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