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Australia’s Top 10 salary gains in 2019

Australia's Top 10 Jobs

Jobs available in any country are affected by local as well as global forces.

According to SEEK Salary Review, the biggest gainer in terms of salary hike in 2019 was the industry of Insurance and Superannuation. With $98,796 in 2018-19, this industry registered a growth of 46% percent.

SEEK Group, a diverse group of companies, encompasses a strong international outreach of education and employment businesses. A market leader in online employment marketplaces, SEEK provides noteworthy insights into the future of work.

SEEK employs 1000 people in Australia and 10,000+ people globally.

According to SEEK Salary Review, Top 10 best performing salaries in Australia in 2019 were:

Rank in 2019

Industry Role Type 2018-2019

% Growth


Insurance & Superannuation Superannuation $98,796



Science & Technology Mathematics, Statistics & Information Sciences $118,937 44%


Education & Training Teaching Aides & Special Needs $66,907



Design & Architecture Web & Interaction Design $103,321



Education & Training Teaching – Primary $84,521



Science & Technology Biotechnology & Genetics $92,466



Community Services & Development Aged & Disability Support $71,545



Farming, Animals & Conservation Horticulture $68,522



Trades & Services Carpentry & Cabinet Making $68,076


10 Education & Training Teaching – Secondary $87,934 29%

Superannuation, commonly called the company pension plan, took the Top Spot with a rise of 46%. As per the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia, superannuation assets in Australia grew to $2.8 trillion by end of March 2019 quarter.

8 among the 20 fastest-rising salaries were in health and education. These included, among others – teachers and carers in all age groups, from preschool to secondary school; and people working in child welfare, disability support, aged care, and youth and family services.

As the population grows and ages, Australia has witnessed consistent year-on-year growth in demand for people in Healthcare and Education.

Today, Healthcare and Education combined are the largest employers in Australia.

Taking up 3 of the Top 20 places are careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics [STEM]. The Australian government considers high-quality STEM education to be critically important for current as well as future productivity.

SEEK tracks more than 350 role types.

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