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Australians take an average of 82 days to find a new job

Posted on October 26, 2018
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Australians take an average of 82 days to find a new job

As reported by a global jobs site Indeed, Australians require an average of 82 days to land a job. The report shows that 90% of job seekers admit to not knowing about all career opportunities while searching for a job. Moreover, 3.7 million Australian job seekers don’t even know what job they are looking for as they start off.

46% of job seekers acknowledge the fact that a job interview is their final opportunity to make a good impression. However, more than half admit to not being well equipped for the face-to-face process.

According to Business Insider Australia, Gen Y job seekers are more successful in terms of finding a job than the rest. Their report shows that 38% can find their next job within one month. Whereas for Gen X, it is 30%. For Boomers, it is only 25%.

On the whole, it takes a successful Gen Y job hunter an average of 67 days to secure their next job. This compares to 98 days for Gen X and 100 days for Boomers.

Reports by Indeed deduce that Boomers take the longest to find a job. It is plausible that they have the patience to wait for exactly the right opportunity.

The mental preparation needed to go through the entire process could be frustrating, said Indeed’s Job Whisperer, Ruby Lee. She added that writing a resume, being interviewed and wondering if it is the right role, is a tiring process.

Ruby Lee further stated that job hunters often fear to accept a job offer. It is mostly because later on, they might find out about another job that would suit them better.

Lonergan Research surveyed 1371 Australians and came up with a detailed report. It shows one-third of Aussie job seekers miss a job opportunity because they don’t hear about it in time. Also, more than a third of them don’t even know what they are actually looking for.

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