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Are you aware of the Australian Jobs that are set to disappear?

Posted on September 26, 2018
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With the advancement in AI and automation there a specific Australian Jobs those are set to disappear only to be replaced by highly skilled jobs. The Australian Parliament Inquiry ‘Future of Work and Workers’ spent roughly 12 months over its research. This was chaired by Senator Watt.

The Inquiry involved stakeholders from diverse industries, academics, and experts. Their inputs were collated regarding the future of employment in Australia. Several aspects were examined by the Inquiry. This includes advancement in AI, Robotics, Automation, and 3D Printing. It was specifically assessed how these areas will disrupt the labor market and transform Australian Jobs.

Senator Watt said that there will not be a wholesale replacement of jobs. On the other hand, there will be changes to tasks within specific jobs, he added. Meanwhile, some sectors will undoubtedly be affected hard than other due to emerging technologies, said Watt.

Automation is expected to wipe out jobs such as Truck Drivers, Uber or Taxi Drivers in the coming years. The present-day drivers will be the 21st-century blacksmiths, said Watt. Jobs involving routine and manual tasks are definitely at risk, he added.

Consultation between workers and employers are needed urgently said the Senator. This is to decrease the social impact of transforming work tasks, said Watt. The transformation includes both Blue Collar and White Collar jobs, he added. For example, much of documents review traditionally done by Junior Lawyers is now being automated, said Watt.

Emerging technology such as Robotics and AI may swallow jobs, said Watt, as quoted by the QT. However, new jobs will also be created, he explained. PricewaterhouseCoopers contended in its report in July that AI can create an equal number of jobs that it destroys and maybe even more.

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