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Average 760 US Jobs/firm created by 44 of 87 unicorns founded by immigrants

Posted on June 12, 2018
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Average 760 US Jobs per firm have been created by the 44 out of the 87 unicorns in the US founded by immigrants. The immigrant entrepreneurs are playing a vital role in the US Startup arena. As of 2016, 44 out of the 87 unicorns in the US were founded by immigrants. Unicorns are startups with 1 billion $ plus value, as quoted by the Times of India.

On an average, 760 US Jobs per Firm were created by the unicorns founded by immigrants in the US.

The latest statistics for startups founded by immigrants have been revealed by National Foundation for American Policy. It is a non-partisan not for profit public policy think tank based in the US. The list of unicorn firms founded by immigrants is topped by Indians.

The NFAP study has further elaborated that 14 India-origin entrepreneurs have launched unicorns in the US. These are totally valued at 35.17 billion USD. Their funding is 81.8 billion USD and the lead has been taken by the IT sector. Indians are thus taking the lead in the US startup scene.

The study revealed that 87 startups are valued at 1 billion$ plus as of 2016. These are yet to trade publicly on the stock market at the time of the study.

The report observes that more than 50% of the unicorns in the US have been started by the immigrants. They are also crucial members of either product development teams or management in more than 70% of these firms.

Indians are followed by the UK nationals and Canadians that have started 8 unicorns each. Israelis have started 7 startups while Germans 4 and Chinese have launched 3 startups.

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