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361,700 jobs in Canada remained unfilled in last 4 months

Posted on December 15, 2017
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Jobs in Canada

The jobs in Canada that have remained unfilled in last 4 months reached a record high at 361,700. This has been revealed by the latest report of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.

The rate of the job vacancy in private sector of Canada was 2.8% for the third quarter. The last time a similar situation was faced by employers in Canada was in 2008.

In clear terms, record high 361,700 Jobs in Canada remained unfilled in last 4 months. The reason for this is that employers are unable to identify the right candidates, said the report of the CFIB. This is a not for profit organization. CFIB has more than 109, 000 independent businesses in Canada as its members, as quoted by the CIC News.

Diverse industries in Canada faced maximum shortages of labor in the Q-3 for 2017. These include Enterprise services, Transportation, Construction and Personal services, added the CFIB report. The scenario is a result of the growing economy of Canada and scarcity of skilled labor. The report was based on the feedback of business operators and owners in Canada with 20, 333 responses.

CFIB Chief Economist Ted Mallett said that scarcity of workers is becoming a major drawback for businesses across Canada. The government must act immediately and find a way out for the scarcity of workers. The present situation hinders the ability of businesses to innovate, expand and sign new contracts, added Mallett.

The highest rate of the Job Vacancy in Canada was found in British Columbia province. It had 60, 100 vacant jobs at the rate of 3.4%. The rate of job vacancy was also high in Quebec with 3.1%, Ontario with 3% and Saskatchewan with 2.4%. Businesses in Ontario witnessed 149, 600 jobs remaining vacant while those in Quebec witnessed 85, 000 vacant jobs. With a job vacancy rate of 2.2%, Alberta had 33, 900 jobs available.

Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick had no change in their rates for job vacancies in Q2 and Q3 for 2017. The increasing rate of job vacancy has also resulted in an increase in salary. Normal salary levels across organizations were pushed maximum for those firms with vacancies than those without elaborates the CIFB report.

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