Zambia plans to introduce single multi-country visa

Zambia plans to introduce single multi-country visa

In a bid to allow tourists travelling to Zambia to visit the other African countries with a single multi-country visa, the southern African country is planning on offering it to improve its investments.

To begin with, Zambia will be offering this visa, which would cover its neighbouring African nations of Zimbabwe and Botswana, on a pilot basis. India is also one of the beneficiaries of this programme.

S H Chinzewe, High Commissioner of Zambia to India, was quoted by PTI as saying that if the trial proves to be successful, the country would expand the number of nations that would come under this visa.

It would help tourists visit many African countries using a single visa just like the Schengen visa that is being offered by the European Union. Chinzewe, pitching his country as an attractive investment destination, said Zambia had a lot on offer for entrepreneurs in sectors such as manufacturing, infrastructure, energy and tourism.

Mining is the main revenue generator for Zambia as it attracts 86 percent of the country’s foreign direct investment and makes up for 80 percent of its exports.

According to Chinzewe, although Zambia has the potential to generate 6,000 MW of power, it is able to achieve only less than 2,000 MW. He added that Zambia was following India’s footsteps as far as PPP was concerned. It is also offering several inducements and selections to protect investments.

Bordering Namibia, Zimbabwe and Botswana, Zambia has the best wildlife reserves in the world. The world-famous Victoria Falls covers Zambia too.

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