Visa Free Maldives – The Easiest Holiday Destination!

Written by Kruti Beesam

Visa Free Maldives  The Easiest Holiday Destination!

Maldives is now the easiest holiday destination. The country is now the new favorite of people because of quick and easy availability of a tourist visa to Maldives. The country is granting a 30 day free visa to individuals from any nationality. The best thing about a vacation in Maldives is that the visa is given on arrival at the airport.

This saves you the trouble of worrying about acquiring the visa before you begin your journey. You will receive instant assistance from immigration personnel at the Maldives airport. They will guide you through the visa and immigration procedures.

To get a 30 day visa for Maldives, you have to fulfil certain conditions – having a valid passport, a return ticket and sufficient finances to support your stay in Maldives are a few things to be taken care of. The financial capacity is measured in terms of 150 US dollars per day. All this will give the permission to enter the beautiful country of Maldives.

The immigration and emigration department can give you a visa for any number of days under 30. Also it holds the right to deport you at any point of time, if you don’t comply with the rules.  Participating in unlawful activities, disrupting the political and religious harmony of the country, or becoming a nuisance to the public can cause you to be deported.

There is also a provision to extend your visa, if you fill a visa extension for before the expiry of your 30 day free visa. This will add 60 days to your existing 30 day stay making it a 90 day stay in all. Maldives will now definitely a popular holiday destination.

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