USCIS Starts Accepting H-1B Visa Premium Processing Applications

USCIS - H-1B Visa Premium Applications

There is good news for all those living on the H1B visa in the USA. The US Citizenship Immigration Service (USCIS) has announced an acceptance of premium processing requests, allowing an extension of H1B stay petitions. Although this was scheduled to take place after 27th of July this year, the need to process applications for H-4 work authorization, led this to be preponed.

What’s New?

From the 13th of July this year, the H-1B extension of stay is being included in the premium processing request, upgraded with filing an appropriate I-907 Request for Premium Processing Service. This will definitely be received as good news for all those willing to extend their stay in the United States of America on the H1B visa.

This decision was taken with a view to use some resources, in the processing of applications for H-4 work authorization.

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