USA city Mayor says immigration contributes to better economy


Economic and education related immigration betters a nations’ economy. Y-Axis has said this many a times in its various blogs and articles. Now an economic and social survey from Salt Lake City, the capital of the state of Utah in the US says that it is a developing state with a solid economy and as indicated by the numbers, workers or new Americans, have a considerable degree to do with its prosperity. Utah keeps on developing with its diverse identity.

As indicated by new economic and social information by Salt Lake County and the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce, in 2014, Utah saw more than 6,700 foreign born immigrants work for their own companies, creating USD 145 million in business earnings in Utah. They’ve likewise contributed around USD 236 million in state and city taxes. So to proceed with financial improvement, Salt Lake County and the Chamber of Commerce chose a gathering of 60 people in the group to be the ‘New American Task Force’ inviting board of trustees.

Some stats from the report:

Somewhere around 2009 and 2014, the aggregate populace of Salt Lake County developed by 5.5 percent, from 1,035,063 to 1,091,838. The foreign born immigrants percentage developed by more than triple that; 19.6 percent, from 116,380 to 139,205. Development in the foreign born immigrant population represented 40.2 percent of general populace development amid that period.

Somewhere around 2009 and 2014, the offer of the foreign born immigrant population in the district developed from 11.2 percent to 12.7 percent at a yearly rate of 6.2 percent. In 2014, while 12.7 percent of the region’s aggregate populace, overseas immigrants made up 14.9 percent of its independently employed populace.

In 2014, foreigners in Salt Lake City County contributed USD 8 billion to the metro region’s GDP. Given their salary, we assess that the outside conceived populace contributed around USD 236 million in state and neighbourhood charges in 2014, including sales, income, excise charges and property required by either the State of Utah or by metropolitan governments.

From 1991 to 2001, foreign direct investment (or FDI) in the metro region of Salt Lake City helped the quantity of employments at foreign owned ventures from 13,490 to 23,870 occupations, an expansion of 77 percent.

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Original Source: Good4utah

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