US startup visa’s introduction likely before President Obama exits office

US Startup visa introduced  allowing immigrant entrepreneurs

It is quite likely that a startup visa for the US could be introduced before President Obama leaves office, allowing immigrant entrepreneurs to float a business in America.

The White House has reportedly said that the IER (International Entrepreneur Rule) may be established after a 45-day comment period.

The IER puts forward a plan to let overseas startup entrepreneurs, who manage to raise money from investors, to gain entry into the United States for a period ranging between two to five years or even more if they satisfy all criteria.

With the creation of the rule, the US government would able to let entrepreneurs enter the US for a minimum of two reasons. One of the important reasons, which would allow for the creation of IER, would be a sizeable public benefit.

One out of four high technology startups and two out of five Fortune 500 companies were said to have been founded by immigrants.

Annie Banerjee, a Houston, Texas-based immigration attorney, said that it is being asserted that foreigners, who create jobs and contribute to the economic well-being of the US, are significantly benefitting the public.

Meanwhile, Leon Rodriguez, USCIS director, stated that the rule significantly benefits the public as it pushes those businesses that show a potential for rapid growth of business, creating jobs and introducing innovation.

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