US House Appropriations Committee extends H-2B visa increase for one year

H-2B visa extend for one year

An amendment was passed by the House Appropriations Committee that would extend the H-2B visa hike. The extension, which would be for one year, has the possibility of increasing foreign workers on H-2B visas fourfold.

A non-agricultural temporary visa program for migrant workers who are low skilled, the H-2B visa is used more often in sectors such as food service, hospitality and landscaping.

Being offered as an amendment to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) budget by Rep. Andy Harris (R-Md.), it lets all overseas workers who have obtained an H-2B visa in the last three years to be not included in the H-2B visa ceiling of 66,000. It is estimated that number of workers having H-2B visas would increase to about 264,000 in America.

Many members who advocate the H-2B visa hike say that it is essential for small businesses that are unable to find any local workers for doing their work.

The program was passed notwithstanding the allegations levelled last year that these visas replace local workers, letting employers exploit foreign workers.

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