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United States to open tourist visa appointments in September

United States to open tourist visa appointments in September copy

Highlights about tourist visa appointments

The United States to issue Tourist visas

The US embassy resumes its personal tourist visa appointments from September 2022. Canceled scheduled placeholder appointments can now reenter the scheduling system to book their regular appointments.

Thousands of families who are planning to visit their friends and relatives in the United States can now begin booking their appointments.

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The United States has expedited the process of applying for study and work-related visas, now applying for tourist visas has also been encouraged at the same speed. Applicants who were unable to travel for various reasons during this year or even in the next year are asked to apply in September.

The requirement of taking the COVID-19 test just a day before boarding flights for travelers has been lifted in June. Now there are no restrictions to travel for any international citizen from any part of the globe.

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