UK Health Secretary open to a second referendum on Brexit

UK Health Secretary open to a second referendum on Brexit

The United Kingdom should go in for a second referendum on Brexit in case it succeeds in reaching a new deal to regulate its borders, said the UK Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, writing an article the Daily Telegraph. In the bargain, he became the first British minister to moot such a proposal after the country opted to leave the EU in the last week of June.

Mr. Hunt was quoted by the broadsheet as saying that the Prime Minister ought to be allowed to discuss the deal with the EU and put it forward before the British citizens and letting them decide by having an election or going for another referendum.

He was of the view that UK should continue to be a part of the single market by reaching a compromise on rules regarding freedom of movement with the EU in order to let the UK have a control over migration.

The Article 50 should not be invoked immediately as that places a two-year limit on negotiations following which the UK would be left out without any deal in place, said Mr. Hunt.

His statements came in the wake of the Polish leaders comments after the Czech Republic asked the European Commission president, Jean-Claude Juncker, to resign for his inability to keep the UK in the EU.

David Cameron would be attending an EC meeting on 29 June in Brussels as indications emerged over a spilt in Europe on dealing with the issue of Brexit.

In fact, Mr. Cameron also suggested that there was a solid case for the country to remain in the single market.

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