UK hastens visa process for Malaysian travellers

Malasians eligible to apply for the Registered Traveller Service of the UK.

It was announced by the UK Home Office that Malaysians heading to the UK will now be eligible to apply for the Registered Traveller Service of the UK.

The Rakyat Post quotes British High Commission as saying on 22 November that travellers from Malaysia permitted to use the service will get a hastened clearance via the UK immigration.

Sanctioned members will get quicker entry at the British border via access to the ePassport gates (for those holding an ePassport) or the UK/EU passport lane and landing card is not required for them.

Vicki Treadell, the British high commissioner to Malaysia, said that 176,000 visitors from Malaysia entered the UK in 2015, a rise of 12 percent over the previous year. Hastened entry at the UK border will allow this Southeast Asian country’s citizens to savour all the treats Britain offers.

Made available to Malaysian travellers from 21 November, the UK’s Registered Traveller Service gives hastened clearance via the UK border to sanctioned members whose advanced security checks have taken place.

Robert Goodwill, UK immigration minister, said that their country was open for business and added that he was excited that they were in a position to share in the benefits with Malaysia of Registered Traveller.

Adding that the scheme was available to many other countries, he said he was happy to welcome Malaysia to the community of Registered Traveller.

Eligible for this scheme are those Malaysian travellers, who hold an eligible passport, either possess a visa/entry clearance or have travelled to Britain a minimum of four times in the last two years.

People satisfying the eligibility criteria are eligible to apply to enrol in the Registered Traveller Service online by furnishing personal information and passport details. The individual will receive a provisional letter of acceptance after his/her application is approved following the conducting of the necessary background checks.

In order to certify and confirm their membership, the individuals must present themselves to a Border Force officer when they next land in the UK where their membership procedure would be finalised with an interview to ascertain the applicant’s service suitability and identity checks have been undertaken.

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