UK granted more residence permits than any other EU nation in 2015

More residence permits were given by the United Kingdom

More residence permits were given by the United Kingdom compared to any other European Union country last year.

According to Eurostat, the EU’s statistical information provider, 633,017 people from outside of the EU made Britain their home. It was around 25 percent of the 2.6 million permits issued totally in Europe in 2015.

Poland handed out the second largest number of residence permits at 541,000, France and Germany took the third and fourth place by giving out 226,000 and 194,000 permits, respectively.

The UK was the most preferred destination for non-EU citizens as they bagged 229,097 study visas, which made up for 43 percent of all such visas given in the EU. Meanwhile, 118,080 came for work and 89, 936 for other reasons.

Under residence permits, non-EU nationals are allowed to live in a country legally. The Daily Mail quotes the Eurostat numbers to show that the UK issued the fifth highest ratio of visas by population in Europe at 9.7 per thousand people.

Malta granted the highest ratio of permits at 23.1 per thousand people, followed by Cyprus with 18.4 per thousand people, Poland and Sweden were at the third and fourth positions by granting 14.3 per thousand people and 11.3 per thousand people, respectively.

Out of the total permits handed by the British authorities, 201,040 were given to American citizens, 80,724 to Chinese and 71, 651 to Indian nationals.

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