Turkey Expands E-Visa to Passport Holders of Republic of China

Turkey Expands E-Visa to China

Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday said that the passport holders of Republic of China can now take an e-visa for their travel to Turkey. People travelling by any means – land, air, or sea can apply for and be granted an e-visa to visit or to do business in Turkey.

The e-visa facility was introduced in May 2013, and is now being extended to various port of entries,  unlike earlier where a traveller with an e-visa had to enter into Turkey only through Esenboga International Airport in Ankara, or through Ataturk and Sabiha Gokcen airports in Istanbul.

The new visa policy was introduced by the Turkish Government on Sept. 20. Over 20,000 ROC passport holders travel to Turkey each year for trade and tourism, citing which the steps were taken to improve bilateral economic ties of the countries.

Source: Want ChinaTimes. Taiwan Embassy.

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