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Trump names Indo-American for key liaison role in SC Judge Appointment

Donald Trump

Indo-American Raj Shah has been named by Trump for a key liaison role in the appointment of the Supreme Court Judge. The process of appointment of the next Judge of the Supreme Court is contentious. This is as per the statement of the White House.

Raj Shah will take leave from the role of Deputy Principal Press Secretary to US President Trump. He will focus on obtaining approval of the Senate for the nominee of the President, said Sarah Sanders White House Spokesperson.

Indo-American Shah will oversee message, communications, and strategy coordination with allies of Capitol Hill added the Spokesperson. Anthony Kennedy announced his resignation as the Justice of Supreme Court last week. Getting approval for his successor from the Senate prior to the ending of the current session is a crucial task for Trump.

Trump has announced a short list of 25 potential nominees. This includes the present federal Kentucky Judge Amul Thapar. He has the support of Mitch McConnell Senate Majority Leader from the Republican Party, as quoted by the Economic Times.

The future orientation of the Supreme Court depends on the successor of conservative Kennedy.

The US Supreme Court is split with four judges nominated by Democrat Presidents and five by Republican. The ruling has been on ideological lines on many cases. Trump has already appointed one of his nominees to the Supreme Court in the first year of his office. This is with the appointment of Justice Neil M. Gorsuch.

The Republican Party has a marginal lead of 2 votes in the Senate of 100 members. The 49 members from Democratic Party and 2 independents are likely to oppose any nominee by Trump. Shah will have to work with the Congress members of Republican Party to obtain a majority support for the candidate.

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