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Top 5 Business Schools in UK for your Management Degree

Top 5 Business Schools in UK

A degree in business management will give you knowledge about business management, business laws, entrepreneurship, business theory, and economics. With a management degree, you can work as a data analyst, investment banker, business adviser, stockbroker or human resources officer.

If you are planning to do your graduate degree in business management in the United Kingdom (U.K), here is a list of the five best business schools.

1. University of St Andrews:

Admission requirements: AAA (including Mathematics or a science subject)

Course content: In the first two years you must study another subject apart from management modules. In the final two years, you will study the following modules: corporate social responsibility, advertising, entrepreneurship, international banking, human resource management or sustainable development.

Advantages: The flexible nature of the course and the subject options helps you develop an all-round perspective about business management.

2. University of Bath:

 Admission requirements: A*AB-AAA (including Mathematics or Further Mathematics)

Course content: The first year covers general topics on business. The second and third year have subjects like corporate responsibility, e-business, conducting business in China, and UK tax. The final two years will cover international strategy and an entrepreneurship project.

Advantages: The entrepreneurship project helps you apply your learning.

3. University of Exeter:

Admission requirements: AAA (with GCSEs in Mathematics at grade B/5 and in the English Language at grade B/5)

Course content: The first year covers topics such as business management theory, economics, accounting, statistics, marketing, management, etc. You can choose your optional modules in the remaining three years. The final year has two core modules-finance and strategic management.

Advantages: In this course, you have the options of a Year Abroad or Year in Industry work placement.

4. University of Loughborough:

Admission requirements: AAB-ABB (as well as GCSEs in Mathematics and English Language at grade B/6)

Course content: In the first two years you will study core business management topics apart from optional subjects. In the third year, you can choose to study abroad or opt for a work placement. The final year covers three core modules on decision-making, leadership, and global strategy.

Advantages: In the final year, you will gain an additional qualification either a Diploma in Professional Studies (DPS) if you opt for a work placement or a Diploma in International Studies (DIntS) if you choose to study abroad.

 5.King’s College London:

Admission requirements: A*AA (including at least one humanities or social science subject, and a GCSE in Mathematics at grade B/6)

Course content: The first year covers 12 core modules. Topics include accounting, marketing, economics, financial reporting, business ethics, etc. In the second year, you will learn about research methods, international business, strategic management etc. The third year has no core modules but covers topics such as employment law, banking, leadership, banking or managerial economics.

Advantages: The College is in the heart of London, so it is close to the hub of international commerce and finance.

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