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Posted on February 01 2024

Top 21 jobs in-demand that can land you a work visa in France

By  Editor
Updated April 04 2024

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Highlights: 21 in demand jobs in France to get you a work visa!

  • France is currently facing labor shortages across various sectors and is in need of skilled foreign workers.
  • Several industries facing shortages include the IT, healthcare, engineering, construction and building trades, and agriculture sectors.
  • The need for skilled professionals provides ample opportunities for workers globally.
  • Skilled professionals will more likely be able to get hired and be granted with a work permit.

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Labor shortages in France drive demand for skilled foreign workers across various industries

Recent report from Statista, a German online portal that specializes in data collection and visualization shows that even with a 2.4% job vacancy rate in 2023, France is currently experiencing a labor shortage in a number of industries.


EURES identified industries facing labor shortages in France

The European Labor Authority (EURES) has identified several industries facing shortages, which includes the manufacturing, IT, healthcare, engineering, construction and building trades, and agriculture sectors. These sectors are crucial for French economy and are experiencing a demand for skilled professionals.


Most in demand jobs in France as reported by EURES

The EURES report highlights the most in demand jobs that are currently facing high demand for skilled professionals in France. Among these are:  

In demand jobs in France

Accounting and bookkeeping clerks

Agricultural and industrial machinery mechanics and repairers

Applications programmers

Business services and administration managers

Civil engineering technicians

Earthmoving and related plant operators

Electrical engineering technicians

Electronic mechanics and servicers

Financial and insurance brand managers

Forestry and related workers

Healthcare assistants

Human resource managers

Information and communication technology operations technicians

Manufacturing managers

Mechanical engineering technicians

Metal processing plant operators

Nursing associate professionals

Pharmaceutical technicians and assistants


Power production and plant operators

Real estate agents and property managers

Developers and analysts

Plant machine operators

Telecommunications engineers


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Increased demand and opportunities for skilled workers in France

Given the demand for specific occupations and skill sets, foreign workers could find a position they fit in. The need to fill job vacancies in France provides increased opportunities for skilled individuals globally and they will more likely be able to get hired and granted a work permit in France.


French economy relies on immigrant skilled workers

The French newspaper Le Monde in September highlighted that most of the country’s labor force is made up of immigrant skilled workers and the French economy heavily relies on them. However, many of these individuals work irregularly without a permit. 


Some members of President Emmanuel Macron's parliamentary majority acknowledged the importance of immigrant workers and deemed they are crucial to the nation’s economy.


Foreign nationals from other nations must obtain a work visa in France

Nationals from the European Union, European Economic Area, and Switzerland wanting to work in France are not required to have a visa.


However, nationals from other nations must obtain a French work visa in order to work in the country. Individuals must secure employment offer from a French business prior to filing for a work visa.


Steps to apply for work visa in France

Step 1: Fill out the France-Visas online visa application form

Step 2: Submit the receipt from France-Visas

Step 3: Schedule an appointment

Step 4: Submit the required documents and biometrics

Step 5: Pay the fee

Step 6: Wait for your visa to get processed

Step 7: Once you receive your visa, validate it within 3 months of your arrival


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Web Story:  Top 21 jobs in-demand that can land you a work visa in France


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