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Things to Know About Indian E-Visa

Things to Know About Indian E-Visa

Indian government’s decision to introduce E-visa for 43 nations is widely welcomed by tourism industry across the world. America, Russia, Fiji, South Korea, Oman, Singapore and many others have appreciated the move by the Modi administration.

The Indian Diaspora from these countries can now hop onto a flight back home without visiting the embassy for a visa. It just got pretty simple. Travellers can visit the Indian government website. Pay a requisite fee and apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA).

Which Website to Visit?

An exclusive online portal for Visa Application to India was launched recently along with E-Visa program. People willing to apply can visit Indian Visa Online and submit an ETA application.

Who Are Included?

The list of 43 countries from the first phase is finally out. So, here it is for you:

Australia Indonesia Mexico Republic of Kiribati Thailand
Brazil Israel Myanmar South Korea Tuvalu
Cambodia Japan New Zealand Republic of Marshall Islands UAE
Cook Islands Jordan Niue Republic of Nauru Ukraine
Djibouti Kenya Norway Republic of Palau USA
Federated States of Micronesia Kingdom of Tongo Oman Russia Vietnam
Fiji Laos Palestine Samoa Vanuatu
Finland Luxembourg Papua and New Guinea Singapore
Germany Mauritius Philippines Solomon Islands

Who Can Apply?

Travellers visiting India for leisure or tourism, for medical treatment, for business events, or visiting friends and relatives in India are eligible to apply for an E-visa.

How Much Is The Fee

The fee, for now, has been fixed at $62. Travellers from the above countries can complete an application by submitting their passport and a photo and then pay the fee using their debit or credit cards.

Validity of Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA)

Upon fee payment, applicants will receive ETA on their email ID mentioned in the application form within 72 hours. ETA will be valid for a period of 30 days from the date of approval and will be valid for a stay of 30 days from the date of arrival.

Once you have your ETA letter with you, you can print a copy and board a flight to India. It’s that simple now.

Source: Times of India

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