Theresa May to Decide the Fate of 3 Million EU Migrants

EU migrant citizens await Theresa May’s decision on their future

Close to 3 Million EU migrant citizens await Theresa May’s decision on their future, following Brexit and pressure from an influential British Parliament Committee. The committee has so far provided May with three possible cut-off dates for eligibility for citizenship. The committee aims to assure the EU migrants with a cut-off date that could define the future of their migrant status in Britain and will avert an immigration rush to Britain according to the excerpts from a report published by the Parliament’s Committee for Home Affairs.

Committee Chair Keith Vaz stated that the biggest aftermath of Brexit is migrations, with a lack of clarity from the government on the status of EU migrant residents in Britain and that of British citizens who are residing in EU nations. He further added that neither of the categories of migrants should be targeted as a result of Brexit which hasn’t still been affected. In a historic Brexit vote where Britain voted to get out of the EU through a referendum on June 23rd 2016, triggering Cameron’s exit, Britain is set to negotiate its exit terms with the EU.

Theresa May, the new PM of Britain has offered assurance to the EU resident migrants in the UK time and again; however there have been no announcements made on the status of their stay in the UK which is similar to that of one and a half million British citizens who reside in EU nations. This will be negotiated between the representative EU countries and Britain in 2017. Astoundingly, of the total number of EU citizens residing in Britain, over 20,000 residents are Portuguese citizens originally from Goa. Adding to his announcement, Vaz stated that the committee has suggested to the May government three cut-off dates, which unless declared, will cause an influx of immigrations to the UK. Vaz also went on to say that opinions and statements made by many ministers will only lead to confusion and uncertainty.

The committee points out three probable dates for the terminating the stay of EU migrants in the UK: The date of Article-50 of the Lisbon Treaty that is responsible for Brexit or 23rd June 2016, the date for EU referendum poll results, or the actual date of Britain’s complete exit from the EU which is set to last for two years. Stating that such cut-off dates help reassure the migrants from Britain and the EU, the committee stated that the migrants shouldn’t be used as pawns to bargain any negotiation outcomes and the matter should be concluded quickly.

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