The Meeting of two Prime Ministers

The Meeting of two Prime Ministers

On his recent visit to the United Kingdom, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to David Cameron regarding the consistent drop in the number of students from India choosing to go to Britain to study. This, he says is primarily because of the difficulty in acquiring a student visa. The issue was raised strongly as there has been a drastic drop in the number of students.

The result of the meeting

The number has dropped to as less as 50 percent by the last three years. It was an observation made by the External Affairs Minister. He believes that it will be a matter of mutual benefit for both the students and universities  of the United Kingdom. The spokesperson believes that UK will be a very good as a good education destination.

Most of the students who come the universities come from the middle classes who wish to get educated in prestigious institutions in the country. British Prime Minister David Cameron does not think that this is an issue that ends here. The discussion continues until a decision is reached in this regard.

The past and the future

The drop in the number of students has been recorded as 18,535 in 2010-11 to 10,235 in 2012-13. The above mentioned fact has been revealed by the Higher Education Funding Council for England. Among other consequences, the universities of the country have also been warned against students being removed from the net migration figures.

One of the ways by which this is being done is the removal of the post study work permit which is being considered as one of the major reasons to keep international students away. However, the conversation that took place between the Prime Ministers of both the countries is giving some hope in this situation and there will be a better situation in the future of both the country.

Original Source: Business-Standard

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