The EU does not impose border restrictions on legal migrants from India

The EU restrictions on legal migrants from India

Even though the European Union is very alert about the countries from where most of illegal immigrants are coming. The countries in the European Union do not have the same opinion about the people who come from India. In fact the situation is much more positive when it comes to the relationship between both the parties. Both India and the European Union are looking for opportunities to make legal migration easier.

EU’s apprehension

At the same time they are looking forward to implement stricter rules relating to the illegal immigration in order to prevent such situations from occurring again. The European Union was being extremely guarded about the migrants coming into the region . This is especially true after thousands of Syrian and African refugees broke though its border securities and entered the country illegally. Most of the immigrants who entered the country illegally chose to go to Germany and Sweden.

Exclusion of India

The restrictions were meant only for the rest of the world, excluding India as they do not feel any threat from Indian migrants. This opinion expressed by EU Ambassador Tomasz Kozlowski. Governments on both sides are looking forward to implement rules that will reduce and eventually prevent human trafficking across borders of both the nations. The decision to impose border restriction taken by the government of the European Union is being viewed as a very good decision and it is a privilege for India to be excluded from this list.

Both sides are severely concerned, not only about the migration but also other issues that include pollution and other issues that affect both countries negatively.

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Original Source:Hindustan Times

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