Thailand Changes Rules in its New Visa on Arrival Scheme

Thailand Changes Rules in its New Visa on Arrival Scheme

To cut short illegal trade by land, Thai immigration and other Thai authorities have made cross-border immigration from its neighbouring countries very strict. Immigrants walk across through border posts from Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, and Malaysia. Those migrants who arrive onto Thai land without securing a pre-acquired are obligated to apply for and be granted a Visa on Arrival. The change from previous ruling is that the number of days have been cut in half, i.e…, from 30 days to 15 days.

Thai immigration officials reason that this move will press onto potential travelers to apply for a visa before entering the country. The Royal Thai Embassy also said that this ruling will change the number of back to back runs that some tourists resort to, to extend their stay in Thailand.

In contrast, the ruling does not apply to migrants who travel to the country by air. On arrival by flight, migrants can procure a Visa on Arrival documents which has unchanged duration of 30 days. Extension to this visa has been kept unchanged at 7 days, post which fines and sanctions will apply. Foreigners have the options to leave and come back as many times as they choose within this time frame.

There is further good news for travelers. Earlier rules stated that visitors could not overstay more than 90 days in a six month period. This rule has been scrapped, which means that explorers can get a Visa on Arrival document for 30 days when they reach Thailand by air, or get stay duration of 15 days if they arrive via land from neighbouring countries.

Immigration officials expect the new rules to increase travel to its shores and contribute towards employment and economy. However, they still recommend getting visas prior to arrival for the best experience.

Original Source: Thaiembassy

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