Taiwan to ease visa restrictions for ASEAN countries

Taiwan to ease visa restrictions for ASEAN countries

Taiwan is planning to ease visa restrictions for travelers from ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) as a part of its ‘pivot south’ initiative.

This is the first major step undertaken by this country, also known as the Republic of China, to enlarge the possibilities for its external economy. This is also being seen a move to make itself more independent and less reliant on China.

The New Southbound Policy Office Head, speaking in a radio interview on May 28, said that the office would work with the appropriate authorities to push forward the policy put in place by President Tsai Ing-wen.

The first step would see the country welcoming with open arms middle-class tourists from ASEAN countries.

The Central News Agency (CNA) is quoted as saying that they would stimulate tourism and lift restrictions on visas in the short term.

Huang said that it was taking a leaf out of Japan’s book; Japan too had taken a similar step by lifting visa restrictions on Southeast Asian tourists. He was of the opinion that Taiwan was not on par with other countries, including China, as far as foraying into the Southeast Asian market was concerned.

Huang said that Taiwan was, however, ahead in sectors such as information, communication, agriculture and aquaculture. On the other hand, China’s interest lay in developing large infrastructure construction projects. He, therefore, saw no conflict of interest with their larger and more powerful neighbor when they set their foot in the Southeast Asian market.

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