Taiwan starts offering free online visas to Indian citizens


Taiwan, or Chinese Taipei, has begun offering free online visas to citizens of India, according to an announcement of Taiwan Tourism.

The passport of applicants should be valid for a minimum of six months beginning from their date of arrival in Taiwan. In addition, applicants need to have an onward or return ferry or air ticket and must not have ever worked in Taiwan as blue-collar workers. According to Travel Biz Monitor, applicants must also possess a valid permanent resident card or valid entry visa or a visa or resident card that has expired within 10 years before the visa holder’s arrival date in the country officially known as the Republic of China. The above-mentioned documents must have been issued by Australia, New Zealand Canada, Japan, South Korea, Great Britain or the United States and any of the Schengen countries. Only people having valid regular passports can apply online for these visas. Upon approval of an application, applicants have to take print outs of the ROC Travel Authorization Certificate, which needs to be presented at the time of their entry into Taiwan.

The validity of an approved ROC Travel Authorization Certificate is 90 days for multiple entries. A ROC Travel Authorization Certificate holder is eligible to stay in Taiwan up to 30 days, commencing from their arrival date in this East Asian country.

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