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Posted on February 22 2024

Taiwan & India sign MOU to open doors for Indians to work in Taipei

By  Editor
Updated February 22 2024

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Highlights: MOU signed by Taiwan and India to provide employment opportunities for Indian workers!

  • India and Taiwan signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Friday, which provides a pathway for Indian workers to find employment opportunities. 
  • The MoU was officially signed between the de facto embassies of Taipei and New Delhi.
  • Taiwan currently needs skilled workers to fill labor gaps and is dependent on 700,000 foreign migrant workers. 
  • The nation is also facing increased demand for human resource professionals across various industries. 


Taiwan and India sign MOU fostering pathway for Indian workers to work in Taipei

In a significant step fostering more robust connections between India and Taiwan, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed on Friday, which opens doors for migrant Indian workers to explore employment opportunities in Taiwan. 


Despite an official agreement between the de facto embassies of the two countries, the details of the MoU implementation are yet to be finalized. 


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Taiwan currently relies on 700,000+ foreign migrant workers!

This joint effort comes at a critical moment where Taiwan is expanding its foreign labor pool beyond traditional Southeast Asian sources due to its labor shortages. Taiwan, mainly known for its semiconductor production, depends on over 700,000 foreign migrant workers. 


The commercial ties between India and Taiwan are powerful, and efforts are being made to attract Taiwanese technology companies to invest and produce in India.  


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Growing demand for Human Resource professionals in Taiwan 

The Ministry highlighted that Taiwan is currently facing increased demand for human resources in critical sectors like construction, agriculture, and manufacturing. As a result, there has been an increase in the need for migrant skilled workers to fill these gaps. This development allows Indian workers to join and contribute to Taiwan’s workforce, fostering a stronger relationship between the two nations. 


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Web Story:  Taiwan & India sign MOU to open doors for Indians to work in Taipei


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