Success rate of Indian students for UK Study visa is 90%

Indian students in UK

The success rate of Indian students for UK Study visa is 90% revealed Dominic Asquith the British High Commissioner to India. He informed that after a decline in the number of UK Study visa applications by the Indians in last few years, their strength is increasing now.

Dominic Asquith informed that the UK government is making no attempts to hold back overseas students who intend to pursue the education at its universities. From 2016 the % of Indian students applying to the UK Study visa has increased by 10%. They are now again turning towards the UK for their overseas higher education said the UK High Commissioner in his interaction with the students of Heritage Institute, Kolkata.

The UK High Commissioner added that it is a misconception that the UK intends to deter students from India. The current success rate of Indian students for UK Study visa is 90% that is up from 83% in 2010. The success rate is increasing every year added Dominic Asquith. He quoted the example of Edinburgh University that had 99.7% success rate of UK Study visa for Indian students. In fact, some UK universities have an amazing record of the success rate of acceptance of students from India, as quoted by the Hindustan Times.

The decrease in a number of Indian students to the UK was not due to stringent immigration policy but due to increase in a number of colleges that were closed by the UK government. These colleges were not offering any appropriate courses, added Dominic Asquith.

Elaborating on the statistics for Indian students in the UK, Dominic Asquith said that of the 19,000 students in 2010 50% opted for further college education and rest opted for university education. Currently, 90% of students opt for education at the university and 10% opt for higher education, added UK High Commissioner.

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