Student immigrants in the US to get 3 year work permit (OPT)

Student immigrants in the US to get work permit

Last October, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has suggested that it is looking to extend the post study work program by 24 months, making the Optimal Training Program (OPT) which stands at 12 months presently to become 36 months. Latest news tells us that the proposals have become a reality for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) student in the US. Indian students are one of the most benefited identities, as they come second only to students from China who invests in universities in the US. The DHS has sent the updated regulations to the Management and Budget Office in the White House. The strong deliberation of the positives of such a decision would get to be inducted in Federal Register very soon.

It will be of help to the vast majority of the student immigrants on the F-1 Visa by accepting them an additional two years of OPT further to the already endorsed one year of OPT. The learners would get three years to work with freedom after they finish their graduation from US universities. This will give students enough time to set up themselves in the US workforce and could likewise get the H-1B visa through the firm they would be working for.

US President Obama and current administration have pronounced an definite need for STEM development. It is their goal that inside of 10 years that every single youth, including foreign students, ought to have opportunities to think, innovate and develop, with the goal that they have the opportunity to end up the innovators, teachers, scientists, and pioneers who can explain the most pressing issues confronting our daily lives. In any case, at this moment, very few students have access to quality STEM learning opportunities and fewer students see these disciplines as springboards for their professions. This rationale is the reason used by the DHS to make education in the US attractive and lucrative for foreign students.

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