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Posted on June 14 2022

Steps that US has taken to help Immigrants

By Editor
Updated May 10 2023


  • US announced five changes for the international students
  • H-4, E, and L visa holders need not apply for EADs
  • J-1 visa holders can extend their visas for 36 months after completing their STEM studies
  • Premium processing will be conducted for petitioners under EB-1 and EB-2 categories

The United States has announced a few steps to be taken to help the international students. The steps have been taken to clear the backlogs post-pandemic. The country will start premium processing and extension of the visas so that people can work in US.

Steps taken by the US to help immigrants

Here are the steps that the United States has taken to help the immigrants:

Work Authorization

New guidelines have been declared for the spouses of H, E, and L visa holders. The E and L dependent spouses will not have to apply for EADs. Some of the H-4, E, and L dependent spouses will get automatic extension for their current employment authorization. Their EADs will also be extended automatically. The visa holders need to apply for the extension before the expiry of their current visas.

The EADs will be extended automatically till the time validity is shown on the Form I-94. Other factors related to the extension of the EADs will be approval or denial of the renewal application or applying for EAD 540 days before expiration.

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J-1 Visa Extension

Students of STEM can extend their J-1 visa for a period of 36 months. They can start their training within 30 days after completing their STEM studies. Recent graduates are also allowed to commence their academic training by extending their J-1 visa. An addition of 22 new fields has been done by DHA in the STEM Optional Practical Training Program.

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Guidelines for an O-1 visa

Guidelines for O-1 work visas have also changed. This visa is given to the people who are experienced in different fields like science, business, education, sports, and many others. The applicants for this visa should have extraordinary ability in motion picture and television industry.

Premium processing for EB-1 and EB-2

There are petitions pending for 140 petitioners under EB-1 and EB-2 categories. There are two phases for the expansion. The first phase will start from June 1, 2022 in which Form I-907 requests will be accepted for the E13 multinational executive and managers. The second phase will start from July 1, 2022. In this phase, Form I-907 requests will be considered for E21 NIW and E13 multinational executive and manager petitions.

Extension of the period of authorized work

The applicants of Form I-765 will qualify for an automatic extension of their EADs or employment authorization. The extension will be given for a period of 180 days to 540 days.

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