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How to re-arrive at UAE after the cancellation of Residence Visa?


Below is a query from an immigrant regarding UAE Residence Visa application:

I had sponsored the Residence Visa of my child when he was here 12 months ago. I believed that his Visa expired on its own as he has not travelled to the UAE for the past 12 months. I even approached one of the Amer Centres. I was told by the officers there that cancellation was an automatic process. I tried to return the Emirates ID of my child to them. They told me that cancellation will occur on its own and this was not needed.

I now want to bring my child to the UAE on a Visit Visa. However, a few of my friends at the typing centre have told me that it needs to be cancelled properly at an immigration centre. This is notwithstanding the expiry of the Visa.

The charges could cost around Dh 250 they said inclusive of fees for typing. The Emirates ID card must be returned while cancelling the Visa. It is this correct? Will my child face problems while attempting to re-arrive through the Visit Visa?


The Residence Visa of your child must get cancelled automatically in the records of the GDGRA. This is after 6 months have lapsed after the date of departure of your child from the UAE. Nevertheless, you must confirm regarding the cancellation prior to applying for the Visit Visa.

You will have to apply for cancellation by paying GDRFA the applicable fee. This is if you are informed that your child’s Residence Visa has not been cancelled automatically.

(Based on inputs from Khaleej Times)

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