Quicker Schengen Visas for Indian Visitors

Quicker Schengen Visas for Indian Visitors

Indian tourists are going places. Every country has some number of Indian tourists coming and contributing to their economy each year – be it in 26 Schengen countries, US, Australia, Canada, or any other tourist destination in the world. Thus, the competition has significantly gone up. Every country is wooing the Indians with baits such as quick processing times, better perks, and less documentation. Schengen countries are not far behind either.

Schengen countries are working faster than before and issuing visas in a short period to become the preferred destination and to stand out of the competition. Last month itself French Consulate did away with the biometrics  collection process to reduce the visa processing times. Jean-Raphael Peytregnet, consul general of France, said, “As a result, we have doubled the number of visa applications we process in a day.”

The number of Indians travelling to Europe is quite impressive. Out of the 15 million Indians that travel abroad each year, an estimated 3 million go to the Europe which is a good 20%.

Switzerland and Italy are at the forefront to issue the visas as soon as an application is received, with simple documentation process in place. Other Schengen countries too are looking at their respective tourist visa process for Indians and making necessary amendments.

Source: Eu Politics Today

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