Quebec to Reopen Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP)

Quebec to Reopen Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP)

The government of Quebec has announced that Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) will be reopened soon. The program which successfully accepted 6,500 applications from foreign skilled workers between April and July 2014, will accept applications again later this year. This time the application cap will be a maximum of 6,300.

During the earlier application cycle which lasted for 4 months, Quebec received enough applications to fill the skilled worker gap in the market. This year too, it aims to address the skilled worker shortage, but has reduced the cap by 200, limiting it to 6,300.

The rules and regulations for this year’s QSWP are not yet announced. It is expected that the rule not requiring applicants to hold job offers is likely to remain. However, if changes in point-system will be made is still uncertain. The current points requirement is 49 for a single applicant and 57 points for an application with spouse or a common-law partner.

The Quebec government is likely to announce new QSWP rules and regulations, and also the date it will start accepting applications.

Who Will be Exempted from Cap?

  • Candidates with a valid employment offer
  • Applicants eligible under Quebec Experience Program
  • Received a notification from CIC about processing of PR application
  • An existing temporary resident eligible for a Quebec Selection Certification

Quebec has also announced a new training list for QSWP applicants. To know what that list is,  how and when you can submit an application under QSWP, keep track of Y-Axis News.

 For more news and updates on immigration and visas, please visit Y-Axis News.

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