Qatar launches e-system to hasten employment of foreign employees in private sector

Qatar would launch a new electronic system o recruit foreign employees

Beginning from early 2017, Qatar would launch a new electronic system to make it convenient for the private sector to recruit foreign employees in this peninsular country bordering Saudi Arabia, according to its labour ministry.

This follows Qatar’s Prime Minister’s promise to improve work visa processes, cutting down approval waiting times that can be lengthy.

According to Doha News, for hired people applying for visas from certain countries, it can be an arduous process. It also depends on the jobs they are joining in.

Declining oil prices and a resultant budget deficit have prompted Qatar to hasten its private sector development. When the e-system comes into effect, the current standing committee would be withdrawn.

The several steps with regard to employer application would be handled by the new software for visas of the new employees.

The Qatar’s Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs in a statement said that it will also consider and explain the country’s nationality needs necessary for some positions.

This move would help in ensuring transparency and warding off repeat applications that come for approvals, the ministry clarified.

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