Points for Express entry reduced in Canada as the number of applicants’ increase in the latest draw

Canada express entry ponts have been decreased again

The points required under the express entry scheme for permanent residence in Canada have been decreased again. This has been received positively by many applicants who wish to immigrate to Canada. In the latest draw, there was an increase in the number of applicants who were sent Invitation to apply for the permanent residence in Canada through the express entry. This reduction was for the second consecutive time in this season.

In the express entry group around 1300 candidates who secured 483 and above points were given the invitation to apply. These candidates are now eligible to apply for permanent residence in Canada. These applicants will also be permitted to be accompanied by their family members including spouse, children, and dependents. The processing time for these applications is expected to be around six months.

Earlier last month the points required to receive the invitation to apply were 538 and only 750 candidates were eligible in that round.  CIC News quoted that the decision by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada to decrease the number of points and increase the number of invitations to apply indicates that the government is keen to enhance the intake of immigrants in this season.

This is required to meet the annual targets set under the federal economic immigration programs that process visa applications through the express entry mode. One of the officials of the IRCC had predicted that the intake of immigrants under the express entry would be increased which is turning out to be true now.

Several applicants who had not received the invitation to apply owing to high points for express entry can now be hopeful that they can soon realize their dreams to immigrate to Canada. This is indicated by the increase in invitations to apply and decrease in points.

In the report published by the Canadian government for the 2015 express entry scheme, it was declared that more than 50% of the applicants who had qualified to receive the invitations to apply had scores below 450 points. The scores were not inclusive of the extra 600 points that are added to a work offer or the enhanced certificate for the provincial nomination. Most of these applicants qualified for the entry even before getting a certificate from the Canadian province.

After the launch of the express entry scheme in 2015 increased number of applicants became eligible to qualify through the provincial nominee program. For instance, the province of British Columbia held a draw for the provincial nominee program after the express entry scheme was launched. It was found that more than half of the 477 applicants for visa approval were from the Express entry scheme.

These global applicants with a degree are now eligible to secure a provincial nomination certificate. They will then also be awarded extra 600 points and later an invitation to apply after the draw held in their respective category.

It has been suggested by past evidence that several provincial categories begin and end faster. Hence it is advisable that applicants must be ready for opportunities well in advance which will finally help them to receive an invitation to apply for getting a permanent residence.

Applicants have several options through which they can increase their points and thus enhance their prospects of receiving the invitation to apply. If you want to migrate to Canada, approach Y-Axis to get professional advice and assistance to file for a visa from one of its 19 office located in India’s eight largest cities.

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