PM Modi’s Visit to the US to Address Visa and Immigration Concerns

India’s newly elected Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to visit the US this month end. It’s a three day visit from September 27 to 29. The much awaited and hyped visit will address scores of issues to strengthen the ties between two nations. PM Modi is expected to attend some 26 meetings and also address the United Nations.

Issues related to visa rules, immigration, Indian pharma access to the US market, the bilateral trade between the two nations – and much more. PM Modi’s visit and meeting with President Barack Obama at the White House will see a host of topics discussed.

India has already conveyed to the US counterparts that the visa restrictions and immigration bill plays a discriminatory and unequal part for the Indian IT companies. And therefore steps have to be taken to amend the same.

The said visit brings up a ray of hope for the IT companies, professionals, and people of the two countries.

We hope that the visa and immigration concerns be addressed and taken care of besides everything else for mutual benefit of the  world’s oldest and world’s largest democracy.

Source: Economic Times

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