President Obama to PM Modi: H1B Visa Concerns Will Be Addressed Soon

H1B Visa Concerns Will Be Addressed Soon

Image Source – Twitter, @MEAIndia

During his three day visit to India which ended today, President Obama assured Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi that H1B visa concerns will be addressed soon. He said that the US administration will soon be in touch with the Indian government to discuss the visa issues for Indian high-tech workers.

The Times of India quoted Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes saying, “I think what the President indicated is this is the type of issue (H-1B) that we have approached through the context of comprehensive immigration reform and so, given his ongoing efforts to work with Congress in pursuit of comprehensive immigration reform, we would be incorporating these types of issues in that process and would be in touch with the Indian government as that moved forward.”

Rhodes also said that India’s concerns related to immigration reforms were discussed at the highest level. He further said, “The Indian government raised the issue, as they regularly do. It usually does include the H-1B visa issue. Indians are working in the high-tech sector in the United States, as well as broader India presence in the United States, people who are there on a temporary basis working.”

President Obama and PM Modi discussed through various other significant issues for mutual benefit of the US and India. The immigration reform was also in talks as it impacts hundreds and thousands of Indian-Americans living in the US.

Source: The Times of India | PTI

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