Number of Indian students opting to study in UK drops considerably

Indian students study in UK drops considerably

The number of students wanting to study in the United Kingdom declined by 45,000 in the last two to three years, say universities and recruitment agencies in the UK.

Since India is the second largest source country of foreign students, preceded by China, across the world, it will definitely affect UK’s education sector.

Study International quotes analysts in the UK as saying that their government’s decision to do away with the post-study work visa in 2012 was one of the main factors for fewer Indian students opting to study in Britain.

It was followed by a drive for reforms in immigration policy, which led to a fall in net migration numbers, making foreign students feel that they were not welcome in the UK.

With the scrapping of the post-study visa, foreign students need to find a job within four months of completion of their studies, which should earn them a minimum of £20,800 annually.

Meanwhile, Britain’s loss has been the gain of the other countries in Europe. Germany is increasingly becoming a popular study destination for Indians as tuition fees charged by its institutions are cheaper. Indian students have been thronging even to China, especially those wanting to pursue studies in medicine, as Indian medical schools have a low intake.

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