Number of Bangladeshi visa seekers from India increase due to Durga Puja

Indians visit their neighbouring country in the east to celebrate Durga Puja

As relations between India and Bangladesh are at their genial best, lot of Indians are seeking to visit their neighbouring country in the east to celebrate Durga Puja, which will take place until 11 October.

Bangladesh deputy high commission in Kolkata was reportedly issuing visas to Indian tourists even at 8 pm on 5 October. Zokey Ahad, deputy high commissioner of Bangladesh, was quoted by the Times of India as saying that special instructions were issued to handle as many applicants as possible with no room for delay. The government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh is said to be trying to accommodate all tourists by issuing visas swiftly.

Meanwhile, the Bangladesh government has directed its security forces to see to it that tourists are safely taken care of during the Puja, fearing that divisive and mischievous elements might create trouble.

The Bangladesh deputy high commission, which normally issues around 500 to 600 visas to Indians daily, has seen the number of applications double, with about 1,200 visa applications being received each day during this festive season. According to Bangladeshi officials, 10,000 visas were issued in the last 10 days.

An official was quoted by the news daily as saying that they were trying to grant as many visas as possible. Soumitra Dastidar, a documentary filmmaker, says that it is the ideal time to visit Bangladesh. Although he had visited Bangladesh thrice, enjoying Puja in that country was a unique experience and that is why he wanted to be there again this year.

Many others who are visiting this South Asian country echoed a similar opinion.

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