New Zealand: Visa For Indian Business Travellers in 3 Days

NZ Visa For Indian Business Travellers

Michael Woodhouse was in India recently to sign MoUs with top six travel agents from India.

Michael Woodhouse, New Zealand Minister of Immigration, along with a tourism team was in Mumbai recently to sign MoUs between Immigration New Zealand, New Zealand Tourism and top six travel agents from India.

The pact will benefit Indians travelling to New Zealand for business purposes. Visas will be processed in 3 days and paperwork will be significantly reduced.

“Under the scheme, applicants will benefit from a quick business visa process, and the requirement to provide evidence of funds and employment will be met through a letter of support issued by the travel agent. This is with immediate effect. We already have the infrastructure ready. We want them to take advantage of the conference facilities we have in Auckland, Christchurch and Queenstown,” said Mr. Woodhouse.

Indians are visiting New Zealand in large numbers for work, for migration, for business events and conferences, and for leisure. According to 2013 estimate, Indians were issued 20,000 work visas, 15,000 student visas, and 35,000 tourist visas out of which 8% were for business events and 2% for conferences. That apart, 6,000 Indians have become permanent residents of New Zealand last year.

The minister also said that they will soon start online processing of student visas and add more trusted travel partners or education agents and institutions to the list.

Source: Hazel Jain | TravTalktest

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